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An Epic Proposal @ Multnomah Falls

One of my favorite places!! And it has both nothing and everything to do with the fact it is where I was proposed to! This has been one of my favorite places to visit ever since the first time I was there (it looked very much like this image). My grandmother had taken me along with some other family. It was love at first sight!

Prior to my visit last fall, I had also been in the Spring & Summer. My love knew that Fall was the only season I had not yet been to Multnomah Falls, and he planned his proposal around that fact. When the time came, it was magical.

We had gotten hot chocolate prior to heading up the trail. It was a blessing as it warmed our insides as well as taking the chill off of our frost bitten fingers. It was cold and the ground was icy. At times we clung to the rail to prevent falling. At other times, we clung to each other.

Once we reached the bridge, I paused before walking out. Heights scare me a little... The bridge was icy... and I was secretly hoping there was a ring in my love's pocket. As we made our way to the center of the bridge, my man encouraged me, comforted me, and assured me the bridge would not crumble beneath my feet. Although, I wasn't so sure. LoL

We finally made it to the middle of the bridge and took in the breathtaking views of the majestic waterfall that was before us on both sides. When my love stood behind me, put his arms around me and began to sing. Suddenly, all my fears fell away. His fears were suddenly becoming real. I later learned he had intended on singing along to the music on his phone, but where we were, he had no service. Instead of bailing on his plan, he pushed through, a Capella.

"There's a million different reasons why I love you
And I'm sure that I could find a million more
There's not a single thing that I would change about you
You're picture perfect just the way you are
So show me every mark and every scar
'Cause I want you
And all your flaws
If you're looking for perfection
Take a look in your reflection
'Cause I got mine
But I want yours
When you feel like you ain't beautiful
Just remember, I'm in love with all your flaws..."

He sang the entire song! (Listen here:

I teared as I thought about what an incredible man I had standing beside me. And just when I thought I couldn't fall in love with him anymore, he asked if it was okay to pray for us. Aside from a child's prayers, I'd never heard anything more precious! He prayed for us, our lives, our families, and our future. It was perfect. Then... He got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was so happy that in the moment, I almost forgot to answer! He said that for a second, he thought I might not say yes. But I did, of course! He put the ring on my finger (we picked it out together several months earlier, so naturally, I loved it), and thus the next part of our journey began.
I am truly blessed by him and I can't even begin to imagine spending my life with anyone else.

Allyson & Steve
I said yes!

Remember, life is a journey. Sometimes the road is rough. There will be mountains to climb and oceans to cross. Some parts of the journey won't be easy, perhaps they will even seem unbearable.
BUT if you and your person commit to sticking out the journey together, encouraging one another to stay focused on the end goal, it could lead to a beautiful place.

Through prayer, we continually seek guidance for our path, wisdom to know what the next right thing is, and strength to walk the path God has set before us. We understand the journey ahead will not always be an easy one. We know that neither of us are perfect, but we are two perfectly imperfect people who are perfectly imperfect together. And with God, we know all things are possible.

If you are in a rough spot in your journey, don't give up! Stand strong and try to remember why you started the journey to began with.You’ve got this!!!

Photo by: Clifford Paguio

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